This antidote was created for the professional design and construction of websites. Our products are built to the W3C international standards, and the latest technologies to deliver effective, responsive and market oriented websites.

Whether you need a full outsourcing of the website including from the concept development to the site construction, beta testing and final editing, or if you have a full design and need only the site construction and final editing we are here to help you.

Responsive Web Desing

Google Friendly

UX Driven Method

CMS WordPress

W3C International Standars


Once you outsource your website projects with us you choose what and how much more do you want to produce each week with your In-House CapitanG crew.


Our team of heroes has the experience and the expertise to help you fulfill the deadlines and goals for your campaigns. With a crew of graphic designers, developers, and graphic artists, CapitanG can outsource all your collateral designs including the below and more…



Print Ads


Advertising Collateral

Social Media

Landing Pages

Photo Retouching

Magazine Ads



Photo Editing


Final Art


Whether you want to outsource one project at a time or by a fixed monthly fee per hour, your in-house CapitanG crew is ready to maximize your budget and increase your profits.


Animation projects can be demanding and time consuming, that´s why CapitanG as your In-House team is prepared to give you those extra hands and expertise to achieve the successful animation project your campaign require.


3D Animation

2D Animation

Social Media Animation

Promo Videos

More Hands, More expirience, less time comsumed, the same quality.


1. Let´s Talk

It all begins here, with a nice professional talk, this first step is crucial to determine which one of our antidotes might be suitable for your company, and how is it that we will help you maintain the standard quality of your projects while reducing costs and increasing your profits.

2. Goals

Now is the time to define the path to be followed and the results expected at the end of each project. Is crucial that on this step we get all the necessary information for a successful project.

3. Concepts & Drafts

Here is where the magic happens, now our team gets to work, once we know exactly what we want and how to make it possible is on us to give you the best results.

4. Feedback

Something is missing? Once the drafts are done is time for you to take a look, review every detail and let us know those little things missing for your own masterpiece, then the project will be done!

5. Follow Up

It´s not over yet… now we measure results and the impact of our work for you and your project, also let´s prepare for your new projects with us.


Now you know what we do, ready for our first project togheter? Let´s Talk: